The art group The non existent Center runs Ställberg Mine, a arena for contemporary art and thought in Ljusnarsberg, a rural municipality in Bergslagen. Ställberg´s 28 meter high mining tower is the basis for international residences, festival and exhibitions. The arena is an interdisciplinary platform for researching the human existence in a heavily depopulated community.  The critical relationships between centralised cities and the countryside play a central role, as well as the movements of “escape”. This is a place where one seeks the idyllic tranquility of the countryside, one get located escaping war-torn homelands and one leaves escaping the depopulated areas unemployment. The research is practical and integrated with the community, and is given form by artistic, social and political works. We ask: What are the potentials of working with an expanded view of art as ongoing social and political processes? And how does geography and identity relate to these processes? Can the situation of a small so called dying municipality allow us to better know the consequences of global neoliberalism and the current Swedish welfare policies? Through the arena we seek to create possibilities to research and to act socially, politically and artistically in these questions.



Here you can see photos from the productions 2013 and 2014.




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The non existent Centers board


Carl-Oscar Sjögren

Artistic Direction
073–567 60 90

Karin Linderoth

Artistic direction/Art Direction
073–525 86 88

Eric Sjögren

Artistic Direction/Sound
073–525 41 06


Gruvvägen 5, Ställberg

Mailing address:
Drift Scenkonst
Ställbergs Gruva
Gruvvägen 5
SE-714 92 Kopparberg

Gothenburg Office:
Lindholmsvägen 4
SE-417 57 Göteborg

An idea of a place

Foto: Olof Melander Lange

Carl-Oscar and Eric Sjögren brought their workmates and friends and went out into the mining region Bergslagen to find a place that could be made into an arena for contemporary art and thought. In October 2011, the group found the church-like concrete headframe of Ställberg. 34 years had passed since the mine was forced to shut down, when iron ore prices fell in the seventies and the small mining town stood little chance against the forces of globalization.

On May 1 2013, the transformation of 2000 square meters of industrial estate started. The tower, the machine rooms and workshops are put to new uses as studios, stages, kitchens and exhibition halls. The project is organized by the art group The non existent Center, with the goal of creating an arena in Bergslagen where contemporary art and theory are produced and presented in a common space. In the summer of 2013 TNEC arranged a residency, an international festival for performing and visual arts, Open Days and a number of workshops at Ställbergs mine. During the winter the aim is to arrange a European tour presenting works produced at the mine.





Finding us

By train:
Travel to Ställdalen (4 km south of Ställbergs Mine)

Regional buses:
Travel to Ställberg (Stop: Bönhusbacken). Signs will direct you from the bus stop to Ställbergs Mine.

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