Ställbergs Gruva and The non existent Center

Ställbergs Gruva was in its time the deepest iron ore mine in Europe: the main shaft was 1072 meters deep. The mine was run by Ställbergsbolagen, and was shut down in 1977 by the CEO Jan Stenbeck. After the shut-down, he started the TV channel ZTV and the telecom company Comviq (Tele 2). The mining community was defenseless in these changing conditions. Ställberg was during the mining era  a flourishing community, but now has just around 100 inhabitants.

Today, the mining area is in a process of transformation to become a place for various arts and thoughts, run by the art group The non existent Center (TNEC). In the group there are persons with a background in, among others, art, production, music, design, direction, choreography, philosophy, human ecology, architecture, carpentry, energy engineering, psychology, human geography, writing and gastronomy.

The group has worked at the mine since 2012, and moved in for continuous work in the spring 2013. Residences, festivals, documentary community theatre, courses and exhibitions are examples of activities. The past years, over 300 artists from 15 countries have participated at the mine.

In 2015, the The non existent Resources, associated to TNEC, bought 9 hectares of land and the buildings around the mine. The ambition is to transform the mine area to a place for cultural and social purposes, with new solutions for energy production.

TNEC often works on common issues with transparency between different fields of work, languages ​​and experiences.
The work in Ställberg is described as a performative social survey in the personal, local and global, where the past time and present complex capitalist society of consumption can be understood through longer and ongoing artistic and social processes.



Eric Sjögren

Verksamhetsledning, konstnärlig ledning, ekonomi, samarbeten.
073–525 41 06

Carl-Oscar Sjögren

Konstnärlig ledning, verksamhetsledning, press, samarbeten.
072-722 31 22  eller 073–567 60 90

Emma Holmberg

Koordinator, omställningsgruppen vid Ställbergs gruva
073-722 87 65

Karin Linderoth

(Non existent resources)
073–525 86 88

Sara Parkman

(Non existent resources)
Sekreterare 070-268 53 47

Josefina Björk

(Non existent resources)
Ordförande 073-771 15 76

Veine Bartos

(Non existent resources)
Fastighet och arkitektur
070–482 11 57

Peter Widell

(Non existent resources)
Fastighet, energi och omställning
070–412 37 56



Visitor adress:
Ställberg, Ljusnarbergs kommun
Ställbergs Gruva
Gruvvägen 5
714 92 Kopparberg

Postal adress:
Ställbergs Gruva
Gruvvägen 5
714 92 Kopparberg

c/o Karin Linderoth
Hjulsjö 153
712 91 Hällefors

Organisation info:
The non existent Center
Org nr: 769628-0572
BG: 187-4262

Non Existent Resources
Org nr: 769630-2517


———————————    Getting here    ———————————

By train:
Travel to Ställdalen (4 km south of Ställbergs Mine)

Regional buses:
Travel to Ställberg (Stop: Bönhusbacken). Signs will direct you from the bus stop to Ställbergs Mine.

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